Beta Sigma Fraternity Alumni National Assembly Inc.

Founding Year. The BSFAANA Inc. was registered as a non-stock, non-profit association with the SEC on January 29, 1998 under registration number A1998-1117. The original name of the association was BSFANA Inc. or Beta Sigma Fraternity Alumni National Assembly Inc. There were thirteen original founders/incorporators led by the late Brod Horacio “Boy” Morales Jr.

During this time, the incorporation paper as well as the By-Laws did not define yet the general, much less the specific management and operational structures and policies, guidelines and rules, and other governance arrangements and mechanisms necessary to run the affairs of the NA. The documents only outlined the purposes of the association, the names of the incorporators/trustees, meeting schedules, corporate powers of the association, functions and powers of officers, rights of members, and a provision on suspension, expulsion and termination of membership.

Redefining the BSFANA Inc. The BSFANA Inc. was redefined to become the BSFAANA Inc. and became operational as such in August 2000 following the issuance of a PRESIDENTIAL INSTRUCTION by the NA President Brod Horacio “Boy” Morales to all Assembly Officers. The INSTRUCTION directed and prescribed the “Nationwide Adoption by the Assemblies of the Improved Constitution and By-Laws of the National Assembly, and of the Accompanying Rules and Procedures; and Directing the Regional Assemblies to Adopt a Standard Constitution and By Laws”.

The improved CBL and the new set of rules and procedures were the results of intensive discussions and deliberations among Alumni Beta Sigmans from across the country in a BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY SUMMIT held in Lucena City on July 15-16, 2000 hosted and sponsored by Brod Procy Alcala, then the President of the Southern Tagalog Regional Assembly. Said improvements and set of rules and procedures were consequently ratified by the Alumni members on August 12, 2000 during a NATIONAL MEETING at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna.

First set of officers under the improved CBL. The first set of officers and the members of the National Board of Directors under the improved CBL and Rules were elected d in November 2001 during the National Assembly Meeting and Fellowship hosted by the NCR Assembly at the Danarra Hotel in Quezon City. Elected President was Brod James Lucman who served office for the Term 2002-2003.

Assemblies. During the initial year of the NA under the improved CBL and Rules there were only six Regional Assemblies: NCR or National Capital Region; CENORLUZ or Central-Northern Luzon; Southern Tagalog; Bicol Region; Visayas; and, Mindanao.

One of the first official acts of the 2002-2003 National Board was to expand the number of Regional Assemblies from the original six to nineteen including the Manila South Assembly which was the first to spin off from the NCR Regional Assembly. As of today, the National Assembly has 60 Local Assemblies including one Foreign Assembly.


New Articles of Incorporation. The improved CBL and Rules were amended and a new Articles of Incorporation was registered with the SEC during the Term 2012-2013 under the NA Presidency of Brod Ismael Tumaru of the Northwest Luzon Regional Assembly (now Cagayan Assembly). An important feature of the amendment was that it expanded the membership in the national Assembly to the Provincial Assemblies so as to encourage wider participation of alumni members in shaping the direction of the NA. This however did not eliminate the Regional Assemblies that opted to remain as such. As a result, there became 23 member-assemblies of the NA.

The Camiling Amendment. New amendments were introduced to the CBL during the term of Brod Bebot Mindalano (2014-2015) when the NBD met in Camiling, Tarlac on September 12, 2015 and adopted some proposed amendments . The new CBL as amended described, among others, the role of the NA as the central governing unit of all geographic alumni assemblies. The new CBL also re-defined the geographic mix of the assembly-members designating them as Local Assemblies which may be organized in local geographic areas (region, province, city, district, municipality, etc) so long as said assembly satisfies the requirements of 25 members whose residency in the area is at least six months immediately prior to the application for recognition.

Most importantly, the new CBL as amended changed the core leadership structure of the NA by dropping the positions of the EVP, VP External, and VP Internal, and created instead the position of Area Vice Presidents, one each for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The 2021 CBL. The CBL underwent a thorough review and amendment in 2021 during the Presidency of Brod Ben Albarece. The NBD was restructured, schedules of election were changed, dates of assumption to office of local assembly officers were harmonized with the changes in election schedules, rules and requirements for assembly-members in good standing are made clear, recognition of foreign assemblies and sectoral groups among others, are the important new provisions.

As the NA continues to mature and professionalize as an organization, the current NA leadership under Brod President Glenn Java, (2022-2023) ,endeavours to implement or execute for the first time the new provisions of the 2021 CBL. This is pursued with caution but with the resolve to make the 60 member-assemblies understand and appreciate the new National Assembly as one that is dedicated to foster a bigger and stronger brotherhood capable of respecting and upholding the rights and privileges of the assemblies and of the individual members under a regime of rules and fairness.






Brod Horacio ‘Boy’ Morales

NCR/ Manila East


Brod James Lucman

Mindanao/ Marawi


Brod Ed Goyeneche

Central Visayas


Brod Rey Tarat

Manila South


Brod Sam Strong



Brod Butch Macachor

Central Visayas


Brod Ismael Tumaru

Northwest Luzon/Cagayan


Brod Ali ‘Bebot’ Mindalano



Brod Athens Bacale



Brod Nelson Dancel

Nueva Ecija South and Aurora


Brod Ben Albarece

Cagayan de Oro


Brod Glenn Java

Central Visayas

2024-2025 (Current)

Brod Louie Jimenez

Manila West


As early as 1994 or years prior to the formal and official creation of the NA in 1998, groups of Betan Alumni have organized themselves into geographic clusters. And while they regularly held national fellowships, they were not yet officially aggregated into a single national body. These groups were Minsupala, Visayas, Bicol, CENORLUZ, Manila South, Manila East, and CAMANAVA. These became the precursors of the six assembly- components of the National Assembly in 2002. Manila South, Manila East, and Camanava were integrated to form the NCR Regional Assembly.

During this period, the fraternity’s center for communication and coordination was the National Coordinating Center in Quezon City under the care of Brod Mario Liwag who was appointed National Coordinator by the late Brod Boy Morales.

First International Homecoming. During the term of the late Brod Ed Goyeneche, the first International Homecoming of Alumni Betans was held in Cebu City in 2004. It was in the homecoming that a tripartite agreement among the BSFAA-NA Inc., UPBSFAA Inc., and BSF Federation of North American Chapters adopted the Beta Sigma Fraternity Charter and created the Beta Sigma Fraternity Council. The Council serves as the top policy making body for all Betan groups and associations. The BetaPhil sits as a non-voting voting member of the Council.