Beta Sigma Fraternity

Beta Sigma Fraternity is a brotherhood of scholars founded on July 14, 1946, at the University of the Philippines. Its mission is to uphold all that is good and noble in man and foster brotherhood, excellence, tradition, achievement, and nationalism.

One of its core beliefs is quality over quantity, seeking to develop a select group of outstanding men who embody the values of scholarship, leadership, and service. This has established the fraternity as a cut above the rest, prioritizing excellence in all activities.

Excellence and Service: The Legacy and Impact of Beta Sigma Fraternity

Beta Sigma Fraternity has a long history of engaging in social and civic activities that promote the betterment of society. Through various outreach programs and services, it has positively impacted the lives of countless individuals and communities. In addition to its service activities, Beta Sigma Fraternity strongly emphasizes academic excellence, recognizing that education is a critical component of personal growth and development. It provides its members with the resources and support they need to succeed academically.


The Evolution: A Journey of Tradition, Achievement, and Nationalism

Over the years, the fraternity adapted to reflect its Greek-lettered identity, introducing traditional titles for its officers and adopting the Beta Sigma Credo, Betan Hymn, and the 9 Principal Truths. It also expanded to other universities nationwide, establishing the national body, Beta Sigma Fraternity Philippines (BetaPhil), in 1975. Today, the fraternity has a presence in over 100 colleges and universities nationwide, with local and international alumni associations upholding the fraternity’s values of excellence and solidarity. The fraternity also organizes international homecomings, conventions, and fraternity balls, fostering a strong sense of community among its members worldwide.

Overall, Beta Sigma Fraternity is a brotherhood of scholars that values tradition, achievement, and nationalism. Through its commitment to excellence and service, the fraternity has established itself as a leading organization for men who seek to positively impact the world.