Beta Sigma Fraternity
- 3rd One Mindanao Summit at Ciudad de Zamboanga

We warmly invite all members, brothers, and sisters to the Beta Sigma Fraternity's 3rd One Mindanao Summit. Set against the backdrop of the stunning city of Zamboanga, this event promises to be more than just another fraternity occasion. You will have a chance to experience the breathtaking beauty of Zamboanga City, often dubbed "Asia's Latin City."

Our theme for this year is "Sustaining the gains and building bridges for a bigger and stronger brotherhood." The summit will take place at the luxurious Astoria Hotel in the heart of One Mindanao in Ciudad de Zamboanga from April 19-21, 2024.

For a fee of ₱5,000.00 per delegate (payment details below), you will be provided with meals, snacks, a shared room, a packed seminar kit, boat fare and environmental fee to the mesmerizing pink island of Santa Cruz Island.

The jam-packed schedule promises productive days and entertaining nights. Day one will involve registration, arrivals, and an optional city tour. An opening ceremony and a fellowship night with the sisters are planned for the evening, with everyone expected to dress in smart casual attire.

The second day holds a plenary session, with Beta Sigma Fraternity's custom summit shirt as the required attire. You can expect to attend a classy Betan Ball in a dark suit or blazer in the evening.

On the last day, join us in a CSR initiative at Santa Cruz in the morning, followed by a city tour at one's own expense, thereby providing you with a chance to enjoy the rich history and vibrant energy of Zamboanga City.

Zamboanga is a city that shines with natural beauty and history. From its stunning coastline to the beautiful Santa Cruz Island, known for its rare pink sand beach, an opportunity to experience this place is not to be missed. Coupled with the Beta Sigma Fraternity 3rd One Mindanao Summit, you are in for an enriching experience.

Join us in solidarity as we build our brotherhood and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of Zamboanga.

See you there!

Message from
Zamboanga City Assembly President

Welcome to Zamboanga City for the 3rd Beta Sigma Fraternity One Mindanao Summit and the 17th Sigma Beta Sorority National Assembly Convention, happening from April 19-21, 2024, at the Grand Astoria Hotel. Together, let's make this gathering an unforgettable occasion, brimming with opportunities for meaningful connections and a shared vision for the future.

Bienvenidos y Dios te Bendiga!

Payment Options

The first 46 Betans who complete the payment will receive complimentary items.

Dr. Mario D Arriola


LandBank Savings Account

Rolando Arriola Jr


Gcash Number for Payment

Steps after payment

After completing the payment, please screenshot the payment confirmation or slip. Then, send us the screenshot of the payment and the email and phone number you used. Kindly complete the form provided below.